How Flyers Can Contribute Substantially to Your Business Marketing?


Digital marketing is the go the marketing platform for all businesses irrespective of their size and nature. It is especially important for a small business, as marketing on digital tools like a website or social media or through advertisements online is a great and cost-effective way.

Marketing using a print medium is a bit costly, and its exposure can be limited, but it still has a lot of value.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing using a print platform like flyers or brochures or business cards is effective still, and even more so.

Why? Well, since we live in the age of digitalization, we are overflowing with digital information that it has become unbearable. In such a scenario, marketing through a print medium is a respite for many.

One of the marketing tools used in print is flyers. It is of great use for all businesses especially, small business owners can make use of this tool quite well.

In this blog, we will try to understand why flyers are important for businesses, which businesses can use this tool optimally, and how to create eye-catching flyers.

Let’s begin..

Why flyers are important for businesses?

Here are some reasons why flyers are important for your business.
  • Cost-effective
It is quite cost-effective as compared to other medium, especially if you design them yourself using a tool like Canva. Also, distributing and printing cost of the same is cheap too.
  • It is tangible
A flyer is something that your customer can hold in his hand and can see. If you get a flyer in your post, you will see it once, but when you get marketing mails most of the time they go unread.
  • Multi-purpose
A flyer has multiple use as it can help to build the brand, announce a special event or promote some new products.
  • It supports digital information
These days, flyers have QR codes which the user can scan to get more information about the brand or product.

What businesses can use flyers to their benefit?

Event management companies, small businesses, and local businesses are some of the businesses that can benefit from flyers. But other businesses if have a knack for promoting and being creative, then they too use flyers to promote their businesses.

What is the cost of making and printing a flyer?

  • It is not free, but it is cost-effective. It is less expensive than a billboard, but a bit more expensive than a visiting card. And if you opt for a cheap flyer, it will be a few cents, but it won’t get you all the results that you hope for.
  • A good flyer is a bit expensive and will help you get good results. Moreover, if you take help from a professional, you will be paying extra.
Tips for designing a good flyer
  • Have clarity with the purpose
Why are you designing and distributing a flyer? Do you have a purpose in mind? Or it is just because everyone else is making and handing out a flyer. You need to have some goal in mind when creating and printing your flyer because it will help you to create a flyer perfectly.
  • Be specific
Don’t think that you can design flyers in bulk and then send it out to hoping that it will reach your target market. It doesn’t work like that. You need to have a specific target market in your mind for which you will design that flyer and will distribute it in that location.
  • Be smart with your message
You need to be clear and smart about your message in the flyer. Make it specific and to the point. Be specific, if it is about an event or launching a new product, make sure you give specific information like a discount offer or store location and so on.
  • It should have a call-to-action
If you want your flyers to work, you need to add a strong call-to-action in it. If you don’t tell people what to do in the flyer, you are wasting your money. A call to action like visit the store or check out the app is important if you want to see results.
  • Be creative with the design
Sometimes a flyer is the first impression of the brand for a customer, so make it count. Get creative with your flyer’s design. Here are some tips:
  • Use unique designs and templates
  • Make sure the headline is interactive, engaging and bold.
  • Don’t only have black and white, it looks cheap. Opt for more full colors.
  • Don’t use more than two fonts, otherwise the flyer will become unreadable.
  • Keep the font size of the headline and sub-headline different.
  • Don’t use too many images in the flyer, it will distract the audience.
  • Find the right location to place the flyer
If you want your customers to read the flyer, you need to send them or place them in the right location. Don’t just think about their home location. Where does your target audience shop or go to work or hand, This is important information too, as it can help you figure out the right places to hand out your flyer.

Flyers are a great tool for marketing your business, and you need to use it in the right way to do so.

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