11 Benefits of Cardio Exercise, Not just for Heart Health


You are certainly familiar with cardio sports. Sports such as running, swimming and cycling are included. Although it is common to do, but many people do not yet know what cardio exercise is and what exactly are the benefits of cardio sports for the body. Check out the definition of cardio exercise and its benefits for health below!

What is Cardio Exercise?

Cardio workouts are all kinds of exercises that can increase your heart rate. Cardio exercise basically stands for cardiovascular exercise. The purpose of cardio exercises is to train the heart and circulatory system.

An exercise is considered a cardio exercise when done for at least 10 minutes and can increase the heart rate by 50-75% of the maximum heart rate. When you move and find that your heart is pounding fast and hard, it's a sign that you're doing cardio exercises.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

There are many types of cardio sports including running, swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, football, and many other sports. Cardio exercises are useful to maintain overall body health. What are the other benefits of cardio exercise?
Here are 11 cardio workout benefits you might not have thought of!

1. Strengthen the heart

One of the main benefits of cardio exercise is to train the strength of the heart.

Just like muscles in other parts of the body, the heart muscle is also trained by exercising. Cardio workouts can help the heart become stronger so it can work more efficiently.
The heart can pump blood throughout the body more efficiently. This is good because it means the heart doesn't have to work as hard as it normally does. Resting heart rate also tends to be lower and can lower the risk of high blood pressure.

2. Helps lose weight

The benefits of cardio exercise are that it can help burn calories, boost metabolism, and lose weight.

When you exercise, the body needs energy burned from the calories you consume. If the body does not provide adequate caloric intake from food, the body will burn fat reserves as an alternative fuel for energy.

Exercising on an empty or almost empty stomach can directly contribute to weight loss, but how many calories are burned and how much weight loss depends on the intensity of cardio workouts you do.
Cardio exercises are also known to boost your metabolism, meaning the body burns more calories and fat than usual. Increased metabolism also keeps the body burning fat even when you're not exercising.

3. Improve blood circulation

Cardio exercises also help better blood circulation.
Good blood circulation is essential for the overall health of the body. Smooth blood circulation helps muscles and all organs of the body can work more efficiently. You will also avoid various risks of diseases triggered by stunted blood circulation.

4. Healthy lungs

If you want a healthy breathing system, one way you can do this is regular cardio exercises.

The benefits of cardio exercise for the lungs, more or less the same as the benefits of cardio exercise for the heart. Exercise can make the lungs more trained and stronger, so the lungs can also work more efficiently.

5. Improve sleep quality

Getting enough and quality sleep is one of the keys to a healthy life.

Cardio workouts are a great way to improve your sleep at night. First, because exercise makes your energy channeled appropriately and when you are tired, you more easily fall asleep.

The second reason is because exercise triggers the production of various chemical compounds in the brain, among which there are compounds that can help regulate your cravings and bedtime.

6. Reduce stress and make it happier

If you experience stress, depression, or anxiety, cardio exercises can be one solution to overcome them.

As already mentioned earlier that the benefits of cardio gymnastics is that it can stimulate the release of sharing chemical compounds in the brain. Among these chemical compounds, dopamine and serotonin, these two compounds can affect a person's feelings of happiness.

7. Improve cognitive abilities

Another benefit of cardio exercise is that it can improve cognitive function.

When doing cardio exercises, the amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrients delivered throughout the body increases. It also certainly affects the brain. Exercise can trigger the brain to produce more neurons, i.e. brain cells that send and receive signals that determine every function of the body and determine thinking processes.

The number of neurons is very influential on brain function. The more neurons, the better the brain functions.

8. Train muscles

Weight training contributes a lot in muscle formation, but that doesn't mean cardio exercises don't contribute to otit training.

Any type of cardio workout can also help muscle exercises. Running can train the strength of the legs, cycling can increase the strength of the legs and the middle part of the body, swimming can strengthen the entire muscles of the body.

9. Good for bone health

In addition to being able to train muscles, cardio exercises are also good for bone health.

Not all types of cardio can train bone strength, but some of them that belong to weight-holding exercises are excellent for bones. The types of cardio exercises included as weight-holding exercises are like running, skipping, and cycling.

10. Improves the immune system

The next benefit of cardio exercise that you should not miss is the increase of the body's immune system.

Regular cardio exercises are known to help increase the number of white blood cells in the body. As we know that white blood cells are a major component of the immune system.

Therefore, the number of white blood cells that are maintained in the body will certainly help the body fight various pathogens that attack the body.

11. Boosts confidence

Many believe that cardio exercises can help you to be more confident.

This is certainly true. When you are in good health and fit, your confidence will also improve. In addition, you are also more confident in your ability to do cardio exercises regularly to achieve the level of fitness you want.

When you do cardio exercises regularly and get the ideal body shape you want, of course this will also make your confidence increase.

That's the various benefits of cardio exercise for the health of the body. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start living healthy with regular cardio workouts starting today!
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