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The cockroach farming business benefits tens of millions

Usaha budidaya ternak kecoa untung puluhan juta

The cockroach farming business benefits tens of millions - have you ever thought of owning a business, namely cockroach livestock, you can be sure that you have never thought that this creature is a creature that is considered the most disgusting and ridiculous to many people.

but consciously or we are not aware that we are disappointed that it can also be used as a field of money, maybe this is a very shocking thing, but this is news about cockroach farming and it has been a long time, especially in China, until now his cultivation is too old. very mushroomed and done by many people there.

A wan fuming, cockroach ruler from China

a person who is successful in utilizing his cultivation, namely by cultivating cockroach livestock and now he has more than 22 million cockroaches.

the way to start cockroach cultivation is not difficult just with a cockroach from America, Germany and impressed with the tire, start by building a business, yes, while he pays attention to how it develops and understands the cultivation of these cockroach livestock.

If the problem of income is not to ask again, one of his colleagues admits that while studying at a Suming shop he made around 500 million in a period of 1 year while being able to pocket up to around 2 billion, that is a very amazing figure.

What is so special about cockroaches

Cockroaches are beneficial for health

This is very surprising where animals are very disgusting animals are good for beauty and health. Wan fuming is very scary to cook cockroaches in many pharmaceutical companies. Where the benefits are also very extraordinary, disappointed it is very capable of curing various diseases such as liver to heart disease.

Even this cockroach is often used as a burn lotion in the beauty world. Cockroaches can be trusted to cure baldness and can also improve skin health. Even big beauty companies also use these cosmetic cosmetics.

Cockroaches are disease resistant

cockroach is an insect where the insect has and is resistant to disease. Even animals that have such a high memory will be better than dogs. No wonder its cultivation is very easy because the mortality of cockroaches is very low.


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