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3 tips in order to support promotions to the maximum

3 tips guna untuk mendukung promosi agar lebih maksimal

3 tips in order to support promotion to the maximum extent - a strategy in a product promotion is an element that is so important in every sale made And later you can get a lot of profit. By being able to carry out a correct promotion process it is not impossible that the business which later you will be able to feel the results you expect and may exceed the previous expectations.

and in fact there are many ways to carry out a product promotion activity that has the potential to reap more benefits from consumers, but we as business actors certainly have to know and don't want to take risks which will eventually have a negative impact on the business that is being run, we must know and be able recognize the various characters of a product that can be sold right.

Give a discount

the most classic way and is often done for the strategy of product promotion, but we don't have any doubt about its effectiveness, there have been many business people who have tried and proven that this method can bring in a lot of consumers, but we have to be careful and we have to be full of strategy and speculation. to include prices.

think if we can give that much and closed price about all existing expenses and it can bring benefits to ourselves even though it's a little because the price discount has a great distance from the original price, so you are not making a profit but instead a loss or profit. from that we have to speculate and think about the strategy so that the results are profitable.

Give a bonus for each of the products

one more thing nowadays it is no longer necessary to do its properties and it can bring in many potential buyers for you is we can give a bonus. Even though it only brings in seasonal consumers, this strategy creates a strategy so that buyers can be impressed and so that buyers can become regular customers. For example, you give a bonus for some products that are used from buyers, either in the form of additional benefits or in the form of goods.

Product promotion with coupons or vouchers

The development and emergence of various innovations that have been made by many business actors and now a new trend has emerged, namely giving coupons or vouchers that are special vouchers. You as a businessman can get this transposition and opportunity.

news that of course getting coupons can get several products from you and it is not impossible that the effect will be that buyers become loyal to you.


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